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Practical information

Avenue Louise 32, box 13
B-1050 Brussels
Tel. : +32 2 776 01 00
Fax: +32 2 770 66 38

Administration and control

Board of Directors

BMI-SBI's Board of Directors is composed of 10 directors representing the Belgian Federal Government and the private sector. This collegial administration answers for the compliance with BMI-SBI's objectives by rigorously selecting those projects that best fulfil the criteria of its mission. The Board applies the rules of prudential management in monitoring and evaluating the financial impact of the risks associated with all the investment projects. Moreover, it exercises a rigorous internal control.

In particular, the Board holds regular meetings to decide on the following items:

  • Suitability of new projects, in view of BMI-SBI's mission
  • Investment decisions
  • Analysis and quarterly monitoring of current projects
  • Decision to exit on or before the maturity date
  • Analysis monitoring of BMI-SBI's accounts
  • Strategic direction of BMI-SBI

External audit

BMI-SBI's accounts are audited and certified by an external auditor on an annual basis. These accounts are available for consultation at the "Central Balance Sheet Office" of the National Bank of Belgium.