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Practical information

Avenue Louise 32, box 13
B-1050 Brussels
Tel. : +32 2 776 01 00
Fax: +32 2 770 66 38

Investment overview

BMI-SBI's decision to invest is the result of an in-depth and transparent process of analysis and evaluation. Generally speaking, it takes three to four months from the first interview. Each project is dealt with in complete confidentiality.

Financing request:

All financing requests must be submitted with a business plan in order to carry out an initial project assessment. In addition to the general information on the company and its project in the foreign country, the business plan must detail the short- and medium-term financial forecasts in order to assess the growth potential and the expected return on investment.

Decision-making process:

Based on a preliminary screening made by our analysts, the Board of Directors takes a decision on the project's suitability. If approved, a thorough and detailed due diligence, involving on-site research, is conducted and the results presented to the Board of Directors, which then makes the final investment decision.

Project monitoring:

BMI-SBI monitors the project quarterly. Our analysts follow up the financial development of the project abroad and make sure that there is a system of regular reporting in place. They check the financial performance of the project and, in the case of poor performance, our departments intervene with the Belgian partner to apply the required corrective measures. Nonetheless, BMI-SBI has a strict policy of respecting the management autonomy of the companies financed. Through its representation on the Board of Directors of the foreign subsidiary, BMI-SBI goes on site annually.

Exit from the project:

The repayment date and conditions are determined at the outset. Subordinated loans are paid back in full, according to the repayment schedule, or converted into shares, if need be. In the case of equity shares, exit is organized by setting up and exercising put and/or call options allowing the Belgian parent company to consolidate its shareholder's position, with the term and the price formula negotiated in advance. Exit from the project may also be implemented by means of an IPO of the foreign subsidiary on a local stock market, in which case, BMI-SBI can sell its stake to local investors.