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Practical information

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B-1050 Brussels
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Complementarity with other financing methods

The investment funds provide financial resources in the form of capital or loans to investors initiating projects in countries or activities in which banks are traditionally reluctant to invest.

The financial support provided by BMI-SBI to projects with a relatively high risk profile helps to mobilise the involvement of private capital, bringing in such diverse actors as commercial banks, investment funds or private businesses and companies.

The conditions under which BMI-SBI operates are in line with market practices. The aim of this pricing policy is to be self-sustaining and even profitable in order to create a flow of funding for new investment projects.

BMI-SBI's investment policy, focused on economic performance and a return on investment, not only marks a break with the principle of subsidies, but it seeks to reduce the dependence of emerging economies on development aids while fostering an entrepreneurial spirit.