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Impact on the local economy

By adopting a market economy, many emerging countries have the ability to attract foreign investors, bringing expertise and foreign capital in their wake. Some of the effects of opening up the economy in this way can be seen in:

  • The development of the local infrastructure (creation of industrial sites or commercial zones, the development of communications networks, as well as energy, water, and other supply systems);
  • In terms of local enterprise: the creation of research and development, production, logistics or marketing infrastructures;
  • The use of local labour.

The consequences of development can be measured on several levels:

  • Social impact: access to paid work for the local population;
  • Economic impact: generation of fiscal revenues, development of the financial market;
  • Political impact: stabilization of political authority and the creation of social, environmental and economic regulations.

Impact on the Belgian economy

For many Belgian companies, international expansion has become increasingly important, and contributes indirectly to the Belgian economy. The impacts in Belgium are for instance reflected on employment or on the an overall appreciation of the value of the enterprise.

One criterion for rejecting a project could be its failure to create a favorable impact on the Belgian economy. Projects that lack that favorable impact, such as pure delocalization projects cannot be taken into consideration..