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Practical information

Avenue Louise 32, box 13
B-1050 Brussels
Tel. : +32 2 776 01 00
Fax: +32 2 770 66 38

Project type

New projects ("greenfields"), expansions of existing projects and acquisitions of existing companies abroad fall within the scope of co-financing by BMI-SBI. Both wholly owned foreign subsidiaries and joint ventures with a local partner can be considered; in the latter case, a majority equity holding by the Belgian company (possibly together with BMI-SBI) is strongly recommended, if not required.

In BMI-SBI, our actions are in line with market conditions, as our mission is not to subsidise Belgian companies investing abroad. Hence, before an investment decision is made, we conduct a detailed analysis of the project aimed at assessing not only its eligibility and feasibility, but also the profitability and the repayment prospects.

The amount of BMI-SBI's participation in a project ranges from € 0.5 million and € 5 million, possibly higher via syndication. Since BMI-SBI expects at least an equal contribution, preferably in cash, by the Belgian industrial partner, projects considered entail a minimum investment of € 1 million. For projects exceeding € 10 million, BMI-SBI will seek co-financing solutions with its regional or European partners.