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Practical information

Avenue Louise 32, box 13
B-1050 Brussels
Tel. : +32 2 776 01 00
Fax: +32 2 770 66 38

Ethical rules

BMI-SBI invests in private enterprise projects that are profitable, environmentally and socially acceptable and make a lasting contribution to development.

Environmental and social compatibility are a prerequisite for BMI-SBI. Projects should thus adhere to internationally accepted guidelines for environmental protection and social standards and should respect or institute appropriate working conditions. Moreover, only enterprises that are successful and capable of surviving in the long term can generate genuine economic growth. Hence, BMI-SBI will not only assess if, and to what degree, each particular project reaches the target of an adequate return on equity, but it will also evaluate the project's long-term profitability and therefore its ability to bring about sustainable growth.

"A global human society based on poverty for many and prosperity for
a few, characterized by islands of wealth, surrounded by a sea of poverty, is unsustainable."

                                                                                    (Thabo Mbeki)


Corporate Governance

BMI-SBI carefully respects the managerial independence of the investee companies.

Through its presence, as observer or as director, on the Board of Directors of the foreign entity, and regular contacts with the Belgian partner, BMI-SBI ensures an active follow-up of the project and provides assistance and mediation if needed and with due respect for the "corporate governance"- principles.